Northern Wisconsin Fishing

small mouth bassWhether you are a hard-core musky angler or an aspiring bass-master, a fly-fishing trout enthusiast or a parent taking the kids out for their first fishing adventure, the Minocqua area remains a premiere Midwest fishing destination.

Fishing Report 


What an interesting summer so far. Rain, rain and more rain and now we fight the mayfly hatches. But the warmth has returned so even though we may get rained on we aren't freezing to death on top of it, yeah! Here's what I know. 

Clients have hired me to fish on lakes in Presque Isle, Lac du Flambeau, Minocqua, Arbor Vitae and Manitowish Waters this week. And it always amazes me that no matter where I go the bite is very similar. Similar lakes produce similar results. I swear the fish get their marching orders from some place every morning.

Small mouth bass have been chasing minnows towards the surface lately. It's fun to skim the water surface with stick baits and plastics and feel that SLAM they put into the hit. You can still catch them on crawlers and leeches but that surface bite is unique. I taught one lady in my boat a few days ago how to twitch a surface bait and every time I'd hear a loud OH MY, I knew she had another one on. But be careful of those treble hooks when handling the fish. If I hadn't been wearing gloves that day I would have been stuck more than a couple of times.

Perch have been a lot more active lately. Shallow rock humps, with or without weeds, and shore line weeds have been their cruising grounds. 1/32 oz jigs and crawlers are like heroin to them. They like to chase the bluegill fry at this time of year.

Speaking of gills they still have not spawned on most lakes. I hope they didn't miss their chance. I'm still finding them in up to 20' of water in the weeds. I hope they are able to do their deed and we don't lose a year class of gills.

Large mouth bass are going good. As the water warms so will the action continue to get better. They love that warm water. Crawlers are always good but it you haven't tried big plastics ya gotta do it. IKA Fats, Senko worms and Pro Tour sticks fished wacky stye and rib worms are awesome fun. Come on into the shop if you're not familiar with the methodology here and we'll show you how it's done. You'll catch bass where you didn't think there was any. And not just bass either. Pike, walleye and crappie go after them, too.

Now on to the mighty walleye. They are on the move with all the bug hatches we've had but we are still popping some nice ones just not as many. Work the mud flats during the day with stick baits behind bottom bouncers, short crawler and leech harnesses and you should entice one to bite. In lower light they are still chasing bait on rock humps and shallower transition changes, mud to rock bottom or vice versa. We've caught them on rocks in 7' of water one day and 20' the next. Find 'em.

As for northerns they will get harder to get as the water warms. Temps are low to mid 70's on most lakes and as much as large mouth bass like the warm water, the northerns don't. I still find a spinner bait tipped with a big grub tail is hard to beat. The northerns slam the crap outa those things.

I've been typing this while listening to the rain hit the roof. I don't hear it any more so it must be time to hit the water. Go fishing with the family. You'll make memories that stick for a lifetime.
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Bass Fishing in Minocqua

The bass factory works overtime in the Minocqua area, with both the largemouth and the smallmouth fisheries kicking out many stellar-sized fish in plentiful numbers.

The more abundant largemouth bass comes with a pedigree that boasts airborne leaps during the fight. Headshakes are commonplace and sore wrists are often the result of encounters with these brutes. Anglers will without a doubt pay their respects with the largemouth bass anywhere in the Minocqua chain of lakes, and pretty much any of the nearby lakes. They’re everywhere.

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Musky Fishing in Minocqua

A ‘trophy’ fish means different things to different anglers, but nearly all will agree that every musky caught is worthy of some special recognition. You’ve seen the big fish in your friend’s home; you’ve seen the giant muskies hanging high on the wall at the resorts, and you’ve heard the stories of the ferocious battles out on the lake with the red-eyed monsters of the deep.

You want one.  You want your own stories. You need one.

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Walleye Fishing in Minocqua

One of the most sought after fish in the Minocqua area is the walleye.

Obviously, the walleye gets its name from the marble-sized eyes that sit atop its head. These eyes are designed to take in as much light as possible, giving it an advantage over the prey it seeks when the waters are dark and dirty. Typically anglers will find the best fishing for walleyes in the morning and in the evenings, when these predators are feeding on bait fish.

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Northern-Wisconsin Fishing Guides

Minocqua-Area Fishing Guides and Bait Shops

The Minocqua Area has long been one of the top fishing destinations in the Mid West. To get the most out of your Northern-Wisconsin fishing vacation, you may want to enlist the services of one our professional fishing guides. Also, consider one of our bait shops to equip yourself with everything from a fishing licesnse to the right gear needed for a successful day on the water.

Fishing Tips for Northern Wisconsin Lakes

It's a good idea to know what kind of fish you are hoping to catch so that you are better prepared when your line hits the water. Here are a few tips and tricks for catching Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout.

Fishing Techniques to use in Minocqua Area Lakes

There are many different ways to go about catching fish.  There is more to it than dropping your line in the water and waiting for a fish to bite.  Here you will find an assortment of methods and techniques.

Fishing Knots

This is a collection of videos (found on You Tube) of how to tie different fishing knots.  This is only a small collection.  There are lots of different knots out there for tying lures and rigs, for joining knots, and for making loops.


There are a few things every fisher needs before heading out on the lake and catching that fish everyone will rave about.  Let us help you get started and to find the perfect tackle, rigs, and lures so that fish will surely to be a good one.


Shopping for lures can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of companies that make a lot of lures in a lot of sizes, shapes and colors. But that's part of the fun, and most lures are priced about the same.


Rig is a word used to talk about the way you tie together bait, lures, hook, swivels, leaders, sinkers, bobbers, flashers, dodgers, cheese doodles and anything else you can attach to a piece of fishing line.

Do's and Don'ts

It's always a good idea to keep in mind things you should do and things you shouldn't do to keep you and those around you safe.

Preparing Fish

Need some help figuring out how to clean your fish once you have caught them?  Here you will find some great information including tips and how-to steps on Cleaning, Scaling, Skinning, Filleting, and Steaking.

Fish Recipes

The fish are caught.  They are all cleaned and ready for cooking.  Now, how are you going to prepare them?  What will you use to compliment the flavors of the fish?  Here are some tasty ideas for Trout, Crappie, Perch, Northern Pike, and Whitefish that will make your mouth water.

Northern Wisconsin Hunting

The Northwoods area offers some of the finest hunting in Wisconsin, with hundreds of acres of public forest lands available for gun and archery hunting and trapping. Ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, white-tailed deer, woodcock and wild turkey are the primary game species. Trappers can find beaver, muskrat, otter, raccoon, fisher and mink, as well.

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