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The Bearskin State Trail

The former railroad line is now a compacted granite outdoor recreation trail popular for hiking and biking in summer and snowmobiling in winter.  The  21.5-mile trail follows its namesake Bearskin Creek between Minocqua and Tomahawk. The scenic trestle bridges and easy grade make it the premier Northwoods trail for all ages and abilities. 

Bearskin State Trail Map

The trailhead is located in downtown Minocqua and follows Bearskin Creek. The packed granite trail travels south over a number of scenic trestle bridges before connecting with the Hiawatha Trail, which winds up in Tomahawk. The total trail length when combined with the Hiawatha...



State trail passes are required for biking on the Bearskin Trail. Purchase day passes at the Dr Pink Drive entrance to the trail or buy an annual pass online. 

State Trail Pass Fees

Daily Pass Annual Pass
$5 $25



Bearskin Trail


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How Was The Bearskin Trail Made?

Today, the Bearskin is a recreational jewel that helps draw tens of thousands of visitors to the area each year. But the story begins millions of years ago, when glaciers gradually shaped...