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The Let’s Minocqua tourism-related online calendar is a Partnership benefit. It is intended to inform visitors about events that they may attend or participate in while visiting the area.  Submissions must be events or activities that are open to the general public and must have a broad appeal to both residents and visitors. Submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Events are not automatically posted. Events submitted are reviewed to ensure that guidelines are met and the information provided is complete. Let’s Minocqua Visitors Bureau reserves the right to edit submitted text or reject submissions entirely. A notification email will be sent once the submission has been approved or denied.

To submit an event, please fill in the designated fields in the form below. A high-quality photo with dimensions of 421 x 280 is required. Use photos you or your organization own the rights to use. Please do not use stock photos you do not have rights to or contain watermarks. Let's Minocqua reserves the right to change photos that do not fit these requirements. 

Guidelines for submitting an event on letsminocqua.com 

The submission is a specific, special event; it is not a promotional offer (discount or special price off regular activities/services)
• The event is open to the public
• The event is likely to appeal to out-of-town visitors
• I have included a high-resolution photo in the dimensions stated above.
• Include an event link for visitors to find more information about the event and contact information.

If your event meets all or most of the above, please submit for our review. Thank you!