Minocqua and the surrounding area are home to one of the largest concentrations of freshwater lakes in the world, so that means great fishing opportunities for walleye, bass, musky, northern pike, and more. Here’s a closer look at how to make the most of your fishing trip to the Northwoods.

Great Fishing All Year Long

Anglers can find great fishing all year long in the waters surrounding Minocqua, Arbor Vitae, and Woodruff, whether they’re in the ice shanty trying to snag a northern in the winter, jigging for walleye in the spring, or casting for trophy musky in the fall.


Popular Fishing Lakes

Notable fishing lakes in the area include:

  • Big Arbor Vitae Lake (musky, walleye, panfish, largemouth bass)
  • Lake Minocqua* (musky, panfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike)
  • Clear Lake* (panfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, walleye)
  • Carrol Lake* (panfish, musky, largemouth bass, northern pike, walleye
  • Squirrel Lake (musky, panfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike

*Public fishing pier(s) on site

Experienced, Knowledgeable Guides

Need some insider tips and tricks for your fishing trip? Fishing guides in Minocqua, Arbor Vitae, and Woodruff have years of experience, and they’ll help you plan a successful angling outing in the Northwoods, no matter what kind of fish you’re trying to track down. They’ll also provide everything you need, from the boat to the fishing gear.

Local guides include:

Father & Son Fishing in Minocqua

Free Fishing Weekends

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources holds two Free Fishing Weekends–where everyone can fish on public lakes across the state even without a license–every year, one on the third full weekend in January and the other on the first full weekend in June.