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Room Tax Grant Application

Funding Overview:

Room tax funds are received from the communities of Minocqua, Arbor Vitae, Woodruff, and Hazelhurst. The grants are reviewed monthly by the Let's Minocqua Board of Directors ("board"). 

The board is comprised of lodging members of the communities and board members from Let's Minocqua Visitors Bureau. The room tax grants will be awarded on a monthly basis & distributed annually. 

$50,000 is available annually through the grant application process. Funding is devoted to businesses, communities, and non-profit groups within the room tax zone for tourism development and promotion in the Minocqua area. The Board will consider applications from non-profit groups and organizations that provide marketing and focus on bringing people to the Minocqua area along with developing the destination. The Board will also consider applications from non-profit groups and organizations that offer activities or events that will encourage people to stay longer. If funds are granted, the Let's Minocqua logo will need to be present at events and all development projects as the grantor.

The Board will not provide room tax funds for an organization's operating expenses, volunteer pay, or stipends.

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Application Form

2024 grant applications open May 10th.

Past Award


2022: Cross Country Cruisers- $5,000

Promote Arbor Vitae and their AWSC Snowmobile Friendly Community award. Upgrading web presence,...

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2022: Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization- $7,000

Funding supported a direct mail campaign to statewide bike shops, print and map distribution, online...

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2022: Minocqua Forest Riders- $5,000

The award helped defray costs for marketing the area through their trail map distribution and...

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2022: Minocqua Winter Park- $3,000

The award was utilized for enhanced photography. The photos will be utilized on their newly...

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