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Miss the Minocqua Area? We miss you too.

We encourage you to enjoy our abundance of natural resources and support local businesses the best you can while maintaining social distancing guidelines. You may not be able to attend your favorite event or have your family vacation the way you thought you would this year. You may have visited and started missing us the minute you left because if you've ever been to the Minocqua Area before, you've surely carried a little piece of it with you. We hope these resources help you reconnect with us even when you can't always be with us. 


Watch our live webcams and begin to picture yourself here. Turn on our Spotify playlist with Northwoods nature sounds or our playlist of popular musicians that often play here at venues like Bitters + Bull or Black Bear Bar & Grill to really slip into the serenity & feel of the Northwoods. 

Northwoods Nature Sounds



To Do


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Turn your daily walks into a nature scavenger hunt. Let's see how many of these you can find!


Kids Road Trip Activities

While you're busy planning and packing, get your kids excited for all the fun activities they will get to do while on...


Kid Reviews

As a popular family vacation destination, some of our biggest fans are actually our littlest visitors. Read More

Share Your Minocqua Art

Get the little ones excited for all the things you will do the next time you are in the Minocqua area! Draw us a picture of you doing all the things you love to do. Swimming, biking, fishing, eating ice cream... we want to see it. If moms and dads want to get in on the creativity too, we'd love to see your artwork too! Need Artwork inspiration? Download our Let's Minocqua Coloring Page 

Share on social media using the #letsminocqua or upload a photo of your artwork here

 We'll be back making more memories soon. Until then, remember fun times like these. #letsminocqua