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Let's Minocqua Staff

Meet the good people who work at the Let's Minocqua Visitors Bureau + Chamber of Commerce Office while checking out our 24 hour Visitors Bureau!

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Krystal Westfahl Executive Director

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Barb Wagoner Assistant Director/ Partnership Coordinator

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Dianna Lang Customer Relations Representative

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Kailey Barutha Content Manager

Board Members & Officers 2020-2021

John Eppes (President), Owner Bear Naked Technologies 

Brian Pagani, (Vice President)Sales and Revenue Manager The Waters of Minocqua

Jerry Bybee (Treasurer), Bank Manager Nicolet National Bank

Christie Terkelson (Secretary), Owner Northfork Fin and Filet

Josh Russart, Owner Northwoods Zip Line- Argo ATV and Kayak River Tours

Mark Stuber, Chalet Director Minocqua Winter Park 

Melissa Doering, Branch Manager Associated Bank Minocqua 

Wendy Hull, Timeshare Coordinator The Beacons of Minocqua 

Brigit Haucke, Owner/Manager Nitschke's Northern Resort 

Ken Korsch, Owner/Manager Korsch Properties


Are you interested in serving on our Board of Directors?

Each year, a class of directors is elected to serve on the Visitors Bureau + Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. Any partner in good standing who aspires to serve on the Board must complete the Board of Directors’ Application. An application does not guarantee a nomination, but if chosen, the Board will offer a rewarding experience and ensure Board members make the most of their talents and expertise while benefiting the entire organization.

The Visitors Bureau + Chamber of Commerce a 501(c)(6) organization, is a multi-community, 450+ member organization with a diverse partnership comprised of various industry segments and business sizes. We exist to advocate for and enhance economic growth for all that visit, work, live and play in our communities. We provide businesses and their employees with opportunities that create a thriving regional economy by:
•Giving businesses and their employees access to advanced training and professional development through the Community Room Lecture Series.
•Helping businesses and their employees save money with member-to-member discounts.
•Providing businesses and their employees with networking events that can lead to key partnerships and opportunities.
•Offering advocacy to ensure business- and employee-friendly policies to help build a more vibrant community.
•Provided events that draw tourism to the Minocqua Area to help stimulate the economy and business.
The Role of the Board is to: 
•Provides leadership and direction while ensuring the organization is in alignment with its mission and vision.
•Acts as a sounding board for member businesses and provides outreach to partners.
•Acts as a public advocate for the value of partnership.

The right candidate:
•Can commit to serving a two-year term, along with other organizational activities.
•Has a great deal of energy and enthusiasm and brings a fresh perspective to the Board.
•Has a strong desire to be involved in the business community and understands (or is interested in learning) the value of partnership.
•Has a vast knowledge of business operations and ethics.
•Is punctual and makes every effort to attend Board and committee meetings as well as Chamber events.
•Is active and engaged in discussions at Board meetings.
•Understands Board members may not act where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest.
•Understands Board positions are unpaid and personal expenses are not reimbursed.

Board Members serve for a term of two years and are eligible to serve three full consecutive terms, provided they re-apply, are re-nominated, and re-elected for any subsequent terms. The immediate past chairperson is exempt from the foregoing re-nomination and re-election provision. Board members are required to attend meetings every other month and are encouraged to attend major programs and events throughout their term.

Candidates will be reviewed by a confidential Nominating Committee who will present the slate of candidates to the Board. The Committee will assure geographic, minority, gender, and industry diversity to reflect the diversity of the communities. Upon receiving the recommended slate of candidates, the Board will present the official slate of candidates to the partnership list. Any partner in good standing can petition the slate within 10 days of the official notice to add an additional candidate. If the slate contains more candidates than vacancies, a ballot election by all the partners will be completed before the Annual Meeting in October. If no petitions are presented, the slate of candidates as presented will be seated. Candidates may be asked to interview with the Committee as part of the selection process. All candidates, regardless of whether or not they have been nominated, will receive communication no later than the end of September regarding the status of their Application. New Board members will receive an orientation prior to the first Board meeting of their term.
Candidates will be evaluated based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to:
•Tenure, activity, and involvement with the Visitors Bureau + Chamber of Commerce.
•Business knowledge, skills, and experience that can benefit the Visitors Bureau + Chamber of Commerce.
If you have questions regarding participation on the Board or the nomination process, please contact Krystal Westfahl, Executive Director at 715.356.5266 or krystal@minocqua.org. Fill out this application to being the process today!