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Whoever said the best things in life are free must have been relaxing in the Minocqua area.  One of the great things about "Up North" is the ratio of lakes, forest and sky to everything we call civilization.  There's a whimsical hierarchy of activities here.  When the blackberries turn form red to black, you pick 'em.  When snow falls, you catch snowflakes on your tongue.  When loons venture near the pier or a deer appears outside the kitchen window, you drop what you're doing to watch.  An eagle soaring overhead warrants interrupting anything.  The shout for a game of horseshoes or an afternoon ski is the closest thing to a command -- but only if you really feel like it.  Summer or winter, a calm day under blue skies trumps all.  Let your days be guided by the disposition of sun and breeze, the proximity of wildlife, and by who's int the mood for a game of cards or a stroll down to the lake to see the stars.