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Ice Predictions

Make your Lake Minocqua ice predictions & win! Fill out the form with your ice-over date and with your ice-out date. Submit before November 13th.

2 ways to win! Predict the ice-over date or predict the ice-out date. Everyone who submits the correct date will be entered into a drawing to win a Let's Minocqua Swag Bag valued at $200!

See the photo above for the ice observation area 

  • Ice-over is the first morning when a sheet of ice is present from across the entirety of the ice observation area and remains there until at least the next morning.
  • Ice-out is the first day there is no surface ice visible in that entire part of the lake. 

Thank you to our two judges, Steve Petersen & Bill Stengl, who will be observing from a drone and plane flyover.

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