Minocqua Outdoor Activities

trail hikersFind Minocqua on a map, and it looks like there's more water to the town than land. Minocqua and the neighboring communities of Arbor Vitae, Woodruff and Lake Tomahawk — which conveniently sit some three to six hours from Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago — are filled with over 2,300 sparkling blue lakes, streams and ponds. They are also snugged into the mighty  Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest. Northern Wisconsin is home to many scenic trails with a variety of technical levels and terrains for biking and hiking. Our trails are also a great place for birdwatching, geocaching, and ATVing. This means guests can easily enjoy an incredible array of activities, both on shore and on the water. 

Hiking & Biking in the Northwoods

The Lakeland area is dream for hikers and bicyclists, with endless miles of woodland paths and back byways that offer great walking or pedaling among the most spectacular scenery you can imagine. Hundreds of miles of paved bicycle trails crisscross the Minocqua area, ducking in and out of the woods and sometimes paralleling the roads, offering innumerable cycling experiences. With over a million acres of public forest and over 600 miles of trails, our area provides the perfect backdrop for any ride or walk. You can spend an entire season and never set foot on the same trail twice.  


Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trails

With its abundance of protected public wild lands, the Minocqua area is a great place to see rare and endangered birds in their natural habitats. Many of these areas can be easily accessed by car or on foot. A canoe or kayak can also be useful for up-close investigations of birds and the pristine ecosystems in which they reside.

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Northern Wisconsin Waterfalls

There are 25 waterfalls ranging in distance from 35 miles to 85 miles from the center of Minocqua. Lakes and waterfalls were formed by the Wisconsin Glacier, a vast sheet of ice that moved across the landscape during the Pleistocene era millions of years ago. Bond Falls is the most impressive waterfall in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The main drop in 40 feet high and over 100 feet wide. The most impressive waterfall in all of Wisconsin is Potato Falls located in Gurney. Potato Falls drops 50 feet and is 100 feet wide. Within a 20 mile radius, there are an additional 6 waterfalls. Many of these waterfalls are clearly marked and easily accessible. Others are off the beaten track and the trails are more rugged. 

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Northern Wisconsin Geocaching

The Minocqua area is the perfect place to visit for your next treasure-hunting adventure. A variety of local caches will lead you to walk through pristine woodlands, bike remote trails, canoe to quiet islands or visit historic locations that hold great stories.

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ATV-ING in the Minocqua-Area

ATV riding has become an exciting recreational sport for many in the state of Wisconsin. Our area provides access to many trail systems within a short drive. The Town of Minocqua will be opening up 11.5 miles of ATV routes in the Township for the purpose of accessing neighboring trail systems.

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