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Partner Code of Conduct

Let’s Minocqua is an association of business partners that span four communities over two counties. Our vision is to enhance our position as the premier tourism marketing organization in the Northwoods by working with our local partners to promote one of Wisconsin’s best tourism destinations. We serve the interests of our tourism zone by acting as an industry leader to market the entire area globally, facilitate travel to the area, and preserve and protect the area's unique attributes for the continual benefit of its residents and the travel and tourism industry. We aggressively market the area as an attractive destination for leisure and business travel, prioritizing our workforce and area businesses in our work. Our mission is to create a positive economic impact through tourism and enhance the area's quality of life for all who live, work, and play in all the communities we serve.

Our organization in all its activities shall be non-sectarian, non-political and shall take no part in, or lend its influence on the election or appointment of any candidate for any public office.

We are committed to providing the best user experience that we can offer and it is important that we are able to attract, brand, and business build a positive destination experience for visitors and locals alike.

To that end, our Board of Directors has oversight and review authority of serious complaints of breaches by a partner business to this Partner Code of Conduct. Our organizational bylaws authorize the board to terminate partnership for any reason deemed sufficient and is the best interest of the association by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors. 

As a partner in good standing of Let’s Minocqua, I commit to:

1. Abide by all applicable federal, state, municipal laws and codes and are also in compliance with local and municipal ordinances and permits.  

2. Provide a clean, non-discriminatory, well-maintained and safe environment for all customers.

3. Respond promptly, fairly, and professionally to all customer inquiries and complaints.

4. Provide customers with the highest possible level of service.

5. Treat customers, visitors, and Let’s Minocqua staff, and other partners of Let’s Minocqua courteously, ethically, respectfully and professionally.

6. During periods of full capacity, assist customers with finding other suitable arrangements to ensure that they feel welcome to the destination.

7. Keep businesses information updated with Let’s Minocqua including, but not limited to, staff contacts, website listing and other public information. 

8. Keep association account invoices current by paying promptly or within 30 days of receipt.

9. Be a good steward of your community putting the “we” before “I”, and work to ensure a positive view of the Northwoods by all who visit and live here. 

Partners should recognize that a business’s serious breach in delivering a quality experience can work to harm the reputation of the association and even the destination overall.

Let’s Minocqua reserves the right to deny or discontinue partnership due to unbecoming conduct by a partner, non-payment of invoices, or for reasons that may be detrimental to Let’s Minocqua’s goodwill, reputation and/or goals of the organization, including contravention of the principles above.