The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really is true in the Minocqua Area. Home to countless lakes, incredible trails, and stunning vistas, this is a place you will want to remember forever. So, grab your camera, here are some of our favorite spots to photograph.

Minocqua Trestle

You’ll find this Insta-worthy spot on the Bearskin State Trail, one of the most popular rail trails in northern Wisconsin. The trail is named after Bearskin Creek, which flows along the route’s southern portion. The 375’ Minocqua Trestle bridge crosses over a channel of Minocqua Lake and you’ll encounter gorgeous water views on both sides as you cross. Like what you see? There are more than a dozen scenic trestles along the Bearskin.

Pick a Lake, Any Lake

They don’t call us Nature’s Original Water ParkTM for nothing! With too many lakes to count, you’re guaranteed a great photo when you point and shoot at our waterways. Rent a boat and capture that perfect waterskiing action shot, then cruise around the shoreline taking in the beautiful boathouses—the charm of these historic buildings would make a great shot to mount above the fireplace at home. Play on the water all day and make sure to stay for the golden hour. Watch the sun slip below the horizon as it paints the sky shades of orange, yellow, pink and purple—no scene is more iconic than a sunset in the Northwoods.

Rustic Roads 58 & 59

The Minocqua Area is home to some incredibly scenic rustic roads, including the photo-worthy Rustic Roads 58 and 59. Rustic Road 58 will take you west from U.S. 51 on Blue Lake Rd., which skirts along several Northwoods lakes and meanders through thick pine and hardwood forests. It crosses the Bearskin State Trail, a popular spot for hiking and biking, and the Tomahawk River, a great place to launch a canoeing adventure. It continues to Mercer Lake Rd. and north to Highway 70, where along the way you’ll cross two small creeks and pass through cedar lowlands. It’s just under 10 miles and guaranteed to make you stop for photos more than once.

Rustic Road 59 (Sutton Rd.) is a more lightly traveled path running between Blue Lake Rd. and Highway 70. Along this 4.5-mile stretch you’ll see log cabins used by some of the original residents of the Minocqua Area tucked in the hardwood and pine forests, and if you travel slowly enough, you may be able to snap a photo of some of the area’s wildlife. Both these roads are gorgeous spots for a return trip in autumn when the forests are saturated in unforgettable fall colors.

Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest

The Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest is over 236,000 acres of photo ops. You’ll find more than 900 lakes to explore, plus opportunities for biking, hiking, camping, boating and paddling. The 18-mile Bearskin Trail we mentioned is one of the most popular and scenic trails for biking, but the NHAL also has five designated nature trails perfect for snagging shots of wildflowers, sun streaming through the towering trees, and shimmering lakes. (Note: a vehicle admission sticker to the forest is required and some individual trails require a pass for certain activities.)