Public Service Announcement 

DATE: December 12, 2019

TO: News Media (And Other Interested Persons)

FROM: Oneida County Forestry Department RE: Update of the Oneida County Snowmobile Trail System 

Snowmobile trails in Oneida County remain closed until further notice. 

Currently, the snowmobile clubs are working on making sure the trails are clear of downed trees and packing the trails to ensure they are ready and safe for public use. 

Once Oneida County has confirmation that ALL ten clubs have completed their inspections, we will send out a press release announcing the opening date/time for the 2019/20 snowmobile season. 

Contact Information: 

Oneida County Forestry Department, 715-369-6140
Oneida County Snowmobile Council President, Jim Wendt 715-891-1610