CONTACT: Krystal Westfahl, Executive Director


Visitor’s Bureau + Chamber of Commerce gives $20,000 for Tourism Development and Tourism Promotion projects in the Lakeland Area

Minocqua, WI – The Let’s Minocqua Visitors Bureau + Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the recipients for the 2022 Room Tax Grant allocations. Successful awardees demonstrated that they would be utilizing funds for tourism development and promotion in the Minocqua area.

The Board reviewed six applications with a total request tallying nearly $52,000 from non-profit groups and organizations throughout the area.

“We would like to extend a congratulations to the 2022 Room Tax Grant recipients as well as those that were not awarded.  These organizations' hard work is clearly making a difference for all those that work, live, and play in our beautiful Northwoods home. We look forward to seeing what these folks do to help area growth in the future.”, said Krystal Westfahl, Executive Director. “A hearty thank you goes out to all the applicants for their time and ambition in applying for this grant.  We have a good feel for the work many of our non-profits are doing right now and we will look for other opportunities to help all of the applicants continue to achieve their future goals.”

Successful applicants needed to provide evidence that their efforts would focus on bringing people to the area, creating positive economic impact, or work towards future development projects within the destination. The Board also considered applications from non-profit groups and organizations that offer activities or events that would encourage people to stay longer.

The applicants were reviewed through a series of questions that looked at their ability to articulate their future plans.  Could they explain how the project or event fits within the current tourism landscape?  How would they evaluate their event or project for effectiveness? What was their marketing plan and proposed budget to accomplish their proposal?  These were a few of the objectives for the grant application and those that were able to specify how the funding would help the destination were ranked higher during the review.  

Board President, John Eppes of Bear Naked Technologies said, “Congratulations to all the 2022 awardees. We look forward to your hard work this coming year.”

Cross Country Cruisers Snowmobile Club: $5,000 Award

The Cross Country Cruisers market our area snowmobiling experience all year long! This year they will be promoting Arbor Vitae’s AWSC Snowmobile Friendly Community award along with a slew of other marketing initiatives. Their upgrading web presence, social media, and beautiful map are just a few ways they help provide marketing for our area. Grooming over 80 miles of trails in our area, the Cross County Cruisers have been in the business of creating an amazing destination for over 50 years.


Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization: $7000 Award

The Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization (LAMBO) saw success last year after a direct mail marketing campaign to biking enthusiasts and digital media expansion. This year they are hoping a direct mail campaign to state-wide bike shops will keep that ball rolling. Along with the direct marketing campaign, the funding will support print and map distribution, online advertising, and print advertising.  They have been hard at work accomplishing their mission since the 90’s: Creating a healthier community through public use, silent sport trail development, and education. We are excited to see the continued evolution of this growing sport in our area.


Minocqua Forest Riders Snowmobile Club: $5,000 Award

The award for the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club is to help defray costs for marketing the area through their trail map distribution and development.  By freeing up the cost of marketing the area, event marketing, and area map creation and distribution, they can continue creating a snowmobiler’s paradise. They can take their motto to heart; “Grooming for you is what we do!”


Minocqua Winter Park: $3,000 Award

The award to Minocqua Winter Park will be utilized for enhanced photography of all their area events. Great photography is a much-needed resource to help with the area's marketing and promotional pieces. The photos will be utilized on their newly refreshed website, social media accounts, and advertising pieces. With new mountain bike trail development, events, and their world-class ski trails, Minocqua Winter Park hopes to share all the fun one picture at a time!



About Let's Minocqua Chamber of Commerce + Visitor's Bureau

Let's Minocqua is the official destination marketing organization for the Minocqua, Arbor Vitae, and Woodruff communities and proudly represents 400 + local businesses. Let's Minocqua exists to advocate for and enhance economic growth for all that visit, work, live, and play in these communities.

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