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Colorama Tour #2

fall color
18 ml

Best Time of Year: Sep 15 - Oct 15


This tour is approximately 18 miles long.

Begin at the Visitors Center and head north on Highway 51 to Highway 70 West turn left. Head down Highway 70 West approximately 5 miles.

Tour begins at Highway 70 west at junction of MINCH Drive, west and KILAWEE Road (approx. 5 miles west of Hwy 51). Go West on Hwy 70.

SQUIRREL LAKE Road. (Look for Minocqua Winter Park sign) Turn Left. Stay on black top. This is a winding road with abrupt hills and sudden valleys so stay on your own side of the road. Watch for on-coming cars.

TORPY LAKE on right.

Stay on SQUIRREL LAKE Road. Avoid side roads even if black top.

Rock on left. Legend on it says SET BY PAUL BUNYAN & BLUE OX BABE.

Franklin Lake. Stay on SQUIRREL LAKE Road.

Squirrel Lake on right. Stay on SQUIRREL LAKE Road. Do not take CARTER. Cross Squirrel River

Turn right on BO-DI-LAC Road (on right after Minocqua Winter Park). It is black top and winding.

Note creek from Pine Lake. See tall Norway pines.

Diamond Lake on left. Follow shores of Diamond Lake.

Bo-Di-Lac Fire Department #1 (small building colored white and red) and BO-DI-LAC Drive. Turn left at Fire Department house.

Keep left on BO-DI-LAC Drive. Booth Lake on right. Buckskin Lake on left.

STOP, Highway 70.


Turn right to Minocqua (about 13 Miles)

Turn left to Fifield (about 24 Miles)