In Ojibwe, Minocqua means “noon days rest” but through our deep history,  the Minocqua Area has come to mean so much more than that to the people that spend their time here.  

Minocqua can easily be used as a verb instead of a noun. It’s not just a place to go, but rather a thing to do. 

To some it might be fishing or boating, to others it is ATVing or hunting. It might be coming to Beef-a-Rama™ for the first time or coming back with your own family to see the camp where you spent summers as a child.  

Even the simple contraction of “Let’s” (Let Us) represents our inclusive environment. Our woods and waters are open for you to make your own memories and build your meaning of Minocqua. 

In short, Let’s Minocqua is what you make it… Let’s relax, Let’s hike. Let’s fish. Let’s go swimming. Let’s see the fall colors. Let’s go snowmobiling. Let’s go for a fish fry. Let’s sit around a campfire. Let’s go. Let’s Minocqua.