All trails in the Oneida County Funded Snowmobile Trail System (as administered by the  Oneida County Forestry, Land, & Recreation Department) will officially open for the winter season at 8:00 am on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. 

All lake and river trails in Oneida County are considered unsafe and should not be utilized until they have been clearly marked by a local snowmobile club. As always, the  Oneida County Forestry, Land, & Recreation Department recommends riders stay on clearly marked trails. Always exercise caution when riding a snowmobile. The trails are in rough, early season condition. 

For questions regarding specific trail conditions please contact the local snowmobile club or visit their social media pages.  

For more detailed information on Oneida County Snowmobile trail riding opportunities,  contact the local snowmobile club in the area that you would like to ride, the Oneida  County Chamber of Commerce, or the Oneida County Forestry, Land, & Recreation  Department. The Oneida County Snowmobile Map is available at  

Contact Information: 

Oneida County Snowmobile Council President, Jim Wendt, 715-891-1610 Oneida County Chamber of Commerce, 715-365-7464 

Oneida County Forestry Department, 715-369-6140