Economic Impact Study Reveals ATV/UTV Industry and Riders Generated $5.4 Billion in total Economic Activity in Wisconsin during 2023
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, April 13, 2024 – A recent economic impact study has shed light on the significant contribution of ATV/UTV riders to Wisconsin’s economy during the calendar year of 2023. The study, conducted by Daniel Lee Consulting LLC, highlights the substantial economic activity generated by ATV/UTV riders, showcasing their pivotal role in driving economic growth and job creation across various sectors.
Executive Summary:
In 2023, ATV/UTV riders in Wisconsin were responsible for generating an estimated $4.2 billion in direct economic activity, supporting the creation of 25,845 jobs. This spending was distributed across a wide range of industries including motor vehicle dealers, lodging facilities, restaurants, gas stations, and retail stores. The study provides detailed insights into the scope and size of Wisconsin’s ATV/UTV industry, demonstrating its significant economic footprint.
Total Economic Effect: Beyond direct spending, the economic impact of ATV/UTV rider activity extended throughout Wisconsin’s economy, supporting supply industries, and stimulating
 household spending. The total effect of ATV/UTV rider spending in 2023 was estimated to be 39,804 jobs, $1.7 billion in labor income, and $5.4 billion in total output, reflecting a substantial ripple effect.
Contribution to State and Local Government Taxes:
ATV/UTV riders also significantly contribute to state and local government revenues, with their spending estimated to result in $435.4 million in tax revenues, accounting for approximately 1.11% of Wisconsin’s state and local government taxes.
Total Trails and Routes:
The Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association’s official cartographer, VVMapping, has updated the total number of miles of routes and trails in Wisconsin for 2024. As of April of this year, Wisconsin has a documented 2,332 miles of ATV and UTV trails within the state. Wisconsin also has a documented 62,577 miles of legal road routes throughout the state.
The economic contributions of ATV/UTV riders to Wisconsin’s economy are not only significant but also poised for further growth. The state maintains a leading position in economic production within the ATV/UTV industry, bolstered by the presence of manufacturing facilities. The study underscores the industry’s potential for continued expansion and prosperity, particularly through attracting non-resident riders and fostering economic development in rural areas. In essence, the ATV/UTV industry represents a vital economic driver for Wisconsin, with promising opportunities for sustained growth and development in the years ahead.

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