Minocqua • Arbor Vitae • Woodruff

Colorama Tour #3

fall colors
15 ml

Best Time of Year: Sep 15 - Sep 15


This tour is approximately 15 miles.

Begin at the Visitors Center and head north on Highway 51 about 1/4 of a mile and turn right onto Country Club Rd. (By Century 21)

Wooded residential section. Keep right on COUNTRY CLUB Road past BRINKLAND.

NARROWS Road, keep left. Stay on COUNTRY CLUB Road.

At Y in road stay to the right onto THOROUGHFARE Road. Road swings to left. Avoid Dead End road.

Cross bridge on THOROUGHFARE between Minocqua Lake and Tomahawk Lake.

Fork in road. Keep left onto MIDLAKE Road. Sign Deer Crossing.

STOP. Hwy 47. Turn left. Go NW on 47 only short distance.

Birch Lake on left.

Clear Lake Campground sign and WOODRUFF Road. Turn right. Keep on black top WOODRUFF Road past Woodruff-ArborVitae School Forest (Black and red sign).


Bass Lake on right. Some beautiful tall pines along here.

Fish Hatchery rear entrance. Road turns left here. However turn to right pass the fish hatchery on left hand side.

STOP. County Truck Highway “J.” Turn right.

Pass Carrol Lake & Campground on left. Road is winding & lined both sides with maples. Stay in your own lane.

BLUE ISLAND ROAD. Turn left. Two miles. Little Arbor Vitae Lake on left. Continue two miles to stop sign. Hwy. 70 East. Turn left on Hwy. 70 East and continue onto BIG ARBOR VITAE DR stay right (do not go onto Marsh View Rd) Big Arbor Vitae Lake on Right. Follow to Marsh View Dr turn right and continue to follow to Hwy 70 East. At 70 East turn right and follow to Highway 51 at stoplight take a left to Woodruff & Minocqua.

End Tour #3