Minocqua Area Vacation Activities


Minocqua Area Water Activities 

The Minocqua Area possesses thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams, making us "Nature's Original Water Park." People enjoy hundreds of activities on the water. From fishing to wake boarding. And, ice skating to snowmobiling. It's all here.

Northwoods Trail Activities 

Northern Wisconsin is home to many scenic trails with a variety of technical levels and terrains for biking and hiking. We have everything you are looking for from novice to expert. Our trails are also a great place for birdwatching, geocaching, and ATVing.

Northwoods Winter Activities 

Many people see Minocqua only as a summer destination, but the winter boasts many equally exciting activities. There's plenty of activity to keep you warm, and it's always nice to cozy up to a fire with a cup of hot cocoa after a long day of playing in the snow.

Northern Wisconsin Fishing and Hunting 

Whether you are a hard-core musky angler or an aspiring bass-master, a fly-fishing trout enthusiast or a parent taking the kids out for their first fishing adventure, the Minocqua area remains a premiere Midwest fishing destination.

Day Trips and Fall Color Trips 

The Minocqua Area is surrounded by many great places. It's easy and fun to check out the numerous opportunities for great adventures.

100+ Things to Do in the Minocqua-Area 

So, you're having a difficult time coming up with some activities to fill your day? Well, let us help you out with a few suggestions.


With so many incredible things to do in one area, it can be difficult, and maybe a bit overwhelming to know where to start. Let us help you out with a few suggestions for a great family vacation!  Also, for larger groups, look at our Group Travel Coordinator's Sample Group Travel Tours.

Rainy Day Activities 

When the rain starts to fall, don't fret. There are still many fantastic activities to experience and enjoy in the Minocqua Area.