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Minocqua Area and Northern Wisconsin

Welcome to the Minocqua Area - Nature's Original Water Park. We call it that because it's located in the middle of Northern Wisconsin's Lake Country. Here there are thousands of lakes, rivers and streams that literally saturate the geography. And vacationers have long been visiting the Minocqua Area to enjoy all this water by boating, swimming, fishing, snowmobiling and more. There's no admission fees and we're open year round!

Fishing Reports



This weekend was the same ol' same ol'. Fished one day and caught 1 walleye and the next day we limited out. One day not many crappie the next day 4 pounds of fillets. Crappies were caught on crappie minnows and plastics and all the walleye were caught on crawlers on the deepest weed edges. The bass are still not very active but the few we did boat were again on crawlers.

I talked to one guy on the lake that said he had finally gotten a couple of walleye by switching to minnows. I didn't have the heart to tell him we had a limit in our box from crawlers. I saw him fishing and he was moving way too fast. That's why he wasn't catching many. I even caught one of the walleyes as my crawler sat on the bottom of the lake while I was baiting a clients hook. That's how slow the presentation had to be. And the perch we caught were better also. We kept about a dozen of them as they are king in the frying pan to many.

And bluegills! Oh my. I fished the Minocqua Chain with clients and boy did we catch the bluegills, and nice ones too! They were caught just about everywhere that we could see weeds about a foot from the top of the water. 30% were put in the live well and ended up as great table fare. The killer bait was a 1" Gulp! micro minnow.

Lessons, find green weeds and fish them. Find brown weeds then move on.! Have fun!

Jeff Bolander, also known as 'How' of Dewey, Catchem and How at
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