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You know, sometimes the weather stinks, the fishing stinks, the ice conditions stink and so on. NOT NOW! The past couple of weeks have been a lot of fun. The ice is thick, strong and mostly driveable. The snow cover is minimal so even cars are driving out. The weather has been mostly tolerable with not too much wind. And the fish have been cooperating very nicely.

Ok, that's the good news. The bad news is, THERE ISN'T ANY. Us ice fisherpeople live for these times. Active fish and great ice and weather conditions like I haven't seen in a long time. This weekend is supposed to get up into the 40's with sun! I better put the sun screen back on the store shelves. There were two guys sitting in the front seat of their cars today fishing.

As usual we have been selling everything type of bait in the store and most folks are reporting success. They must be having success as we ran out of minnows on New Year's weekend and had to have our trapper bring another load on Sunday. Tip ups tipped with shiners and walleye suckers are popping flags all day but the prime time is still after the sun goes down till when the sun comes back up. Walleyes, and some nice ones, have been active. Crappie too, have been on the night bite. Crappie are being taken with crappie minnows, rosie reds and lots of different types of plastics, depending on the forage. The other day we got a bunch on black or red wedgie plastics and today I got them on brown VMC tungsten nymph jigs and plastics. And bluegill are chasing all the bugs especially if your jig has a little hair or thin plastic on it. 

Now mind you, as I always preach, stay flexible. A few days ago I changed baits a dozen times during the trip. When something isn't working I change. Change the bug, the color, the presentation, the minnow, whatever. Today was the same. My go to VMC Fly Jig did OK but when the fish got bashful I switched to four different presentations before I tried the VMC Nymph jig. That was the ticket. Then after hot and heavy for a while the bite stopped and I went to a few other things and then Perch Talker ended up working for a while. You can never tell until you try it. If I could get out tomorrow I'm sure I would have to start the process over again. I love it.

Hey, get out there. This perfect ice fishing storm is sure to end sometime so take advantage while you can. Linda and I are eating fresh bluegill, crappie and perch tonight. That's what I'm talking about! Check out the Facebook page for a list of local tourneys coming up.


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