Fishing Report


Again with the rain and rain and rain. Scheesh. Well enough of the that. But the fishing still is above average in the Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau, Manitowish Waters, Boulder Junction and St Germain areas, which is great! Pretty much everything is working so you can use your favorite method. Although minnows are waning a little, crawlers and leeches are picking up the slack nicely. Here's the talking points of what I know right now.

Blue gills for the most part are not on the beds but are getting close. Most seem to be suspended in 15-17' of water.

Perch are hanging in the same area as bluegills. They will go up into the beds with the gills when they go to feast on their fry.

Crappie are spread out all over about 5' below the surface. They will pick a certain water depth to suspend on. Once you find them note the depth and only fish that depth. They are relatively close to where they spawned.

Largemouth bass are very near their beds. They are very active and are hitting many different presentations.

Smallmouth Bass are also very close to their beds and on most lakes they are on their beds and protecting them. Again, any bait that threatens the safety of their bed they will hit.

Walleye are in many different places and must be searched for every day. Each lake will have it's own Walleye personality and it because of the weather it may change a lot.

Northern pike have been a little scarce for me lately. I don't know why but maybe the shallow water buffet right now is too plentiful for them so they ignore my offerings.

Musky are hitting well on smaller baits and definitely Musky Suckers. If you haven't drug a Musky Sucker, do it. Or another great way to catch a Musky is to fish for something else. That works quite often.
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