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March 24, 2020 - From Dewey, Catch'em & How


As it is usual for this time of year, and the approaching "late ice", the fishing is improving greatly. When the oxygen-filled water starts to run into the lakes thru the holes and cracks the fish get energized and start to feed again. It has been a while, for sure. I haven't had a chance to get on the water the past week so I'm going by what my experienced fisherpeople are telling me. The one consistent piece of advice is fish early and late in the day. The type of baits working are many. As usual, everybody is employing the only method that works (for them). The ice conditions are still very good with little or no snow on top. Get some cleats for those slick areas. You don't want to break a hip!

As far as the state shut-down goes, here's where I stand. I want to endorse the idea of minimizing unneeded contact to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Social distancing is important. With that said, Dewey Catchem and How will be open Tuesday thru Saturday. I will not have any employees working. Myself and my wife have to be here to continue to set up for the open water season. I did read the Stay at Home order and we do fall under some of the essential business categories. But I urge you, if you need a fishing license or bait to catch fish to feed you family or to get you exercise then please come in and do so. But please leave the "shopping around" or "just looking" for another time. There will be plenty of time for that when this situation runs its course. We want everybody to be safe and healthy and staying active is a big part of that.


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