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Where does the time go? Almost the middle of August already! Didn't we just get on the lakes after the late ice? Oh, well. The report is still better than average. Everyday I go out we catch 5-7 different species of fish in a myriad of ways. The fishing in general has slowed since last month but we are still putting great fish fries together. If you get a chance check out the Facebook page where I try to keep up with the nice ones being caught. The greatest pleasure I get is watching young and old smile and giggle while putting fish in the boat.

Walleye are a little slow but started to pick up over the past few days. A half a crawler on a 1/16 oz jig pulled slowly thru the thickest weeds has been the best presentation. Many other kinds of fish are there too, bass, perch, bluegill, etc., but you gotta get thru them to get the walleye. 

Weedless jigs are sometimes necessary but small jigs can work just as well if you learn to gently pull it thru the weed stalks. Practice will teach you the difference between a weed stalk pressure and a fish bite. Once you master it you will become a weed fisherman for life. I have three kind of weedless jigs in my tackle box. Jack's jigs, Northland Weedweasels and the Slo-poke. I use them all depending on the situation and type of weeds we're pulling thru. They each have their advantages over the other. I also make small modifications to them before I use them. Next time your in one of the shops ask me and I'll show you what I do to them to make them work even better.

Crappie have been a consistent producer lately. Small Powerbait Grubtails, Mini-Mites, Crappie Scrubs, Gulp Minnows and real minnows and crawlers have all been working. One trip we got 6 over 12" in 9 feet of water. The next time out we got a bunch more in nothing less that 18 feet of water. You gotta look for them every time out. Same with the gills and perch. Different day. Different location. There is one exception to this rule. If the lake is like Little Saint Germain in St Germain where 75 percent of the lake is 10-15' feet deep, not much will change from day to day. The only thing that could change there is colors, speed and proximity to the weed line.

Large mouth bass are still in or near the deep or shallow weedlines. Top water baits like frogs, poppers and buzz baits are a blast this time of year. But when using these baits wait until you feel the weight of the bite before you set the hook or you could get a face full of top water lure.

Time to get back out and enjoy this gorgeous summer we've had so far. Remember, if you're too busy to fish, you're too busy.

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