Fishing Report


I know its been longer than usual for a report but I gotta tell you the fishing has been really really good! My excuse for my lack of reports is we've been too busy fishing and then cleaning those fish. But here's the key. If you hit the lake and look for any fish, not any particular fish, you will probably be successful right now. Each day the lake has given us something a little different with some great surprises thrown in! 

For example one day we hit the water looking to teach a couple of guys how to catch fish, any fish. We ended up popping a bunch of bass and some super nice walleye in places I have never caught walleye before. Today we went after walleye on a lake we normally catch lots of walleye. We only caught one but we popped a bunch of small mouths and kept 17 beautiful perch! What fun!

Ya gotta stay flexible folks. Just about everything in the box is working nowadays if you know how to use them, meaning presentation. One day it's crawlers and the next it's crankbaits, in the same spots! Colors matter, presentations matter, locations matter. If you're not catching fish, change something. Sounds simple, sometimes it is. We came off a lake today with what turned out to be 2 pounds of fillets and the two groups of people at the landing were complaining they didn't even get a bite. I asked them what they were doing and each gave the same answer. The same thing all day! Me and my clients must have changed bait and presentations 20 times until we found something that finally produced fish. Flexible. Be that way!

When you come into one of our bait shops go ahead and ask for advice. We would be happy to give you some suggestions on how you could change things up and be successful. Some will work and some won't, depending on the day. But hey, we're flexible! If you're not having fun you're doing something wrong...
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