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After the LONG winter we had I promised to never complain about warm temperatures this past summer. It was really hard not to though as the northwoods turned into a daily windless sauna setting records for the number of days above 80 degrees and humidity above 90%. My boat set a record for number of occupants that jumped into the lake to cool off! And now fall is kicking our butts with temps in the 30s and 40s, wind and rain. I know the fish don't care but man o man has it been uncomfortable above the water line. And I'll be honest with you, the fishing has been just as tough as the weather.

But fear not my little fishing diehards, this will all change soon. Remember I always preach weather consistency helps the fish find their way to your bait. Doesn't matter if it's super warm weather or super nasty weather, the fish will adapt and get active. By this weekend I expect the fishing to be really improved. I got a feeling the bite is gonna turn in to something more normal for this time of year. All species will start to realize that summer is gone and it's time to think about putting on the feedbag before winter chases away all those easy meals that warm water provides. Actually, crawlers are still working better than minnows but that is starting to change. But you still better take both. Even during the nasty cold weekend we just had the crawlers out fished the minnows 10-1 for all species. That surprised even me, a devoted crawler guy.

And don't forget the plastics! Ring worms and grub tails thrown right into the thick of the weeds will produce fish. The few times I dropped the camera into the water for a look-see it was visible that the fish were not only tight but inside the cover. You couldn't even mark them on your electronics but they were there. And now is definitely the time to drag a musky sucker. Even if your crappie fishing, put a sucker on a quick strike rig and you might just have the fish of a lifetime come into the boat.

FYI, we have a truck load of ice fishing equipment at the Minocqua location. We are setting up a bunch of flip-overs and tents so you'll be able to shop inside, out of the elements. We have shanties and huts from Otter, Clam and Shappell. I think we have just about every size and brand of auger out there, power and hand. Feel free to come in and browse as anything that gets purchased or ordered before the first week in November will be at special pre-season "show" prices. Oh, and I hear Santa is coming to visit us early in December! More on that later!
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