Fishing Report

3/13/17 - 

The panfish bite was pretty good this past week -- if you could stand the wind and cold! One day I had clients out and the combination of no snow on the ice and high winds dictated that someone always be sitting in the pullovers or we'd be chasing them across the ice! Scheesh...

Crappies slowed a little the past week whereas the Perch and Bluegill picked up. The key to all species was feeling the bite. When the fish are inactive they will literally mouth the bait and then back away without biting. One of the tricks I use is to always be moving the bait, up and down or back and forth. That way you can almost always feel the slightest change in weight at the end of the line. This works in the summertime too when vertical jigging. Or you could always drill another hole to drop a camera down to watch the process.

As far as bait goes the methods haven't changed much. But two things stuck out. If you are jigging, horizontal jigs and very small jigs are the best. And spikes out fished waxies and mousees by a lot. But as you know, that could change this afternoon!

The ice conditions are still very good with a good 1.5 foot on most lakes. The only downside is there is hardly any snow on the ice so travel is a bit slippery. Bring your skates!

This is my last report until late April. The bait shop will be undergoing a little renovation and I need a little vacation. We should be back no later that April 28th. Until then, have a safe late ice season.
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