Fishing Reports


The fishing right now is unknown. We are right in the middle of not having enough ice to walk on and to much to put a boat on the water. What fishing there is is being done on the rivers and smaller shallower lakes. And by smaller I mean 100 acres or less and by shallow I mean 10' or less. The water temps on the open water is in the mid to lower 40s. Our weather forecast says we should be in the upper 50s pretty steady now to the Opener. Most of the lakes around here should open up this week.

Speaking of the Opener, I was just asked on a Radio interview if we'll have one. Well I can tell you for sure we will. And it's gonna be great! I don't care what the weather is or how the fishing is shaping up it will be great to get out there and continue the tradition. Only difference is we'll have to pay attention to social distancing and hygiene more than we might have in the past. No problem, right! More on the Opener coming in future reports.

As far as the store goes, we are open starting Wednesday the 22nd from 7am to 6pm. Come on in, browse, look around for that magic bait and talk about some fishing.