Fishing Report


Can you believe this winter. It won't go away! At least without kicking us in the butt a few more times first. We'll be MAKING lake ice all this week. Temps above freezing are a week or more out. The hot conversation now is the debate over whether we will be cutting holes in the ice to catch walleyes on this year's opener!?!

I have been taking some time off the past week or two and will be back in the northwoods after this weekend. So I obviously haven't been fishing but here's what my buds say is going on. The perch and crappie bite has been inconsistent. That in and of itself is consistent. But most luck is seen during the last few hours into dark. Not many of my buds have been fishing early so it could be good then too. Most crappie are suspended over deeper water, about 1-3 feet below the ice. The perch are still banging the mud for bugs and stuff in deeper water. Clicky-clack lures are working well right now tipped with bugs or small minnows. Plastics are a close second. Gills are also banging the mud but in shallower water. One guy told me his magic elixir was a fly jig with spike/mouse/spike. Had to be in that order. He didn't mention what colors. I guess that would have been TMI.

Well my time off has been filled with fighting red tape, crossing I's and dotting T's (I know). If you haven't heard, Linda and I have purchased the old POPOV building across the street form Paul Bunyan's. Hopefully by the Opener it will become the second location of Dewey Catchem and How Bait Shop and Guide Post. Along with the stress of opening the new store comes the excitement of not only offering more product but a more diverse product to our customers. Some of the highlights are 16 big minnow tanks for more wild minnows and leeches on hand, 3 times as many fishing lures and jigs as we now have at the Arbor Vitae store, an ol' time popcorn cart making free popcorn all day, a planned 1000 gallon fish tank holding all the species of the northwoods, and a few other surprises. It's gonna be great! We start work on remodeling the place on the 13th of April. Stop by and say hi if you see our vehicles there. But don't stay too long or we'll shove a paint brush and broom into your hands!

Later kids. Time to get back at the red tape!