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FISHING REPORT Jan. 17, 2020 - From Dewey, Catchem & How

There's a bit of good news concerning the ice conditions question in the Minocqua, Lac du Flambeau and St Germain Wisconsin areas. With the colder weather and lack of snow we have been experiencing lately the ice conditions have improved. For the most part there is very little slush and ATVs and Snowmobiles have been getting around pretty well. There are still many layers of ice and slushy ice. Now, I'm not saying it is completely safe everywhere but folks are fishing almost everywhere now. I still wouldn't even consider driving a car or truck out there yet. The ice is probably thick enough but with the layers that exist you have a good chance of breaking through one of them and getting stuck. That's no fun either. So stick with the lighter transportation for now and you should be able to get to most of your favorite spots. YEAH!

The fishing for the most park has been below average as of late. There are still fish coming up thru the holes but the windows can be painfully small. We were out a couple of days ago and we caught fish but there were a lot more that sniffed our baits and took a pass. It's inevitable this time of year. I normally think of January as the August of the winter months. Small windows during the transition to the pre-spawn bite. Aw, who cares, let's go!

Most of the action seems to be still green weed related. No hot baits as usual but many are working if you put in your time. The low light of late afternoon and evening seems to be the best window of the day. Spend your time before that looking for fish that may not be active but then return to those spots for that evening bite. It can be amazing. To illustrate how lake bites can be different but the same, I had two guys come into the shop today, at different times, one saying he got crappie in weeds of less than 8' and the other mentioned he got his at 28'. But both bite windows were at the same part of the day. Different lakes, different depths but same bite window. Wouldn't it be nice to know why that is and be able to predict it?

Time to hit the ice. If you see me out there make sure you say hi and tell me ALL about your hot spots and secrets! Yeah, right.


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