Fishing Report


The end of the busy summer has arrived. Lots of great weather, great people and great fishing was had in the northwoods these past months. With that said it doesn't mean that the good times are over. No, no. They is justa changin! 

Lake temps are cooling to the mid 60s, shallow weeds are starting to brown and the day light hours are dwindling. This is good news in many ways. The good news is the bite will get better each day on quality fish. And the main word to remember is "deep". Every good sized fish will be found in deeper water now. Why? Because that's where most of the steady temps and oxygen are. Well, actually it's because that's where the bait fish are and so goes the varmints that eat the bait fish. As the lake temps go down, so do the fish. Then turnover and then, well, we'll save that for another report.

Right now on most lakes the walleye are still on the weed edges. Crawlers and leeches are still working the best in my boat. And the bite is pretty hard. I waited too long on a couple of bites last week and got bit off. And they were definitely walleye bites. Arg. I'll never get used to losing a good one. Many baits will work in catching the walleye but at this moment they are not real active so most cranks and too fast for them. Live bait and plastics worked slowly by and through the weeds are producing the best. Also look for change in bottoms next to humps.

Bass, small mouth and large mouth, have been off again and on again. Most of the big smallies we have been catching have been on the deeper humps in the lake, 30-40 feet deep. We'd park the boat right on top of the shallowest part of the hump and then cast the plastics or live bait tipped jigs all around it. 1/32 oz has been the ticket over heavier jigs daily. Some days the winds pick up and we have to put on the 1/16 to be able to feel the jig. I know guys don't like to use a 1/32 oz jig to get down 30 feet but those who do catch fish. The large mouth are buried in the weeds, deep weeds. Find the deepest weeds in the lake and there you'll find the large mouths. All the large mouths we caught the other day were in a minimum of 15'.

Northerns are finally starting to come around, too. We still don't have to fish for them but at least we're catching them along with bass and walleyes. As those water temps keep dipping the northern bite will pick up.

Panfish have been great for us. Big gills, perch and crappie have been coming over the side of the boat quite a bit lately. Deep grass and wood in 15-25 of water have been the ticket. We've been using half a crawler and mini-mites. Yesterday we got over 3 pounds of crappie, bluegill and walleye fillets for the clients fish fry. That's good stuff.

I just ordered another bunch of leeches from our trappers in Minnesota and quantities are getting low. I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to get them so if you want them you better get them now. Also, September is Customer Appreciation Month and we celebrate with a YEAR-END CLEARANCE SALE. We are clearing out all the summer inventory at big discounts to make room for the winter gear, some of which is already here! A lot of items are buy 2 and get one free. Discount are as high as 50% off. And as usual remember we have 2 dz jumbo crawlers for $5, your 1st scoop of crappie minnows for $2 with any purchase and we are loaded with Musky Suckers. You can always call me at 715-892-2751 if you have any questions or concerns.
Jeff Bolander, owner of Dewey, Catchem and How Bait Shop and Guide Post at