Fishing Report


Ice conditions. The biggest topic lately is can I go ice fishing yet. Yes, there are still a few Musky fishermen out there still but lets face it. They're nuts. Lol! The ice seems to be pretty good in the protected bays on some lakes, up to 5+" in some places. A lot of lakes are froze over but ice in the main basins are not safe. Our weather lately hasn't removed much ice but at the same time it hasn't been cold enough to keep making ice. But that's gonna change. Come Monday the mercury will dip below freezing and the forecasts shows that the mercury will stay that way, day and night, for the foreseeable future. The the best part, not much of a chance for precipitation. That's what we call ice making weather! It would be so nice to have good ice all year this year as it has been many years since we have been afforded that luxury.

So take your spud bar, boot grippers, safety ropes and most importantly, A BUDDY, along with you and hit the good ice. Those that are on the ice are catching fish, YOUR fish, just sayin'...

FYI, until Christmas we are running some great pricing on all of our ice fishing gear. Some stock is limited. Especially electronics and shacks and augers. If you don't check our prices before you buy somewhere else you will probably pay more. With our overhead nobody can beat our prices, not even all the big box stores.

Talk atcha next week!
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