Fishing Report


The fishing continues to get better in the northwoods as the sun has been shining more and the weeds are starting to come in nicely. Everyday we have been out is an improvement over the previous day. There are a few bugs hatches in the area so keep an eye out for those. If you see a bunch of dead bugs on the top of the water it would be well advised to go to another lake as the fishy's bellies are probably already full.

One of the of the ways we are blessed in the northwoods is an abundance of lakes to choose from. No matter the lightness, temperature, wind or bug hatches there seems to always be a lake that's willing to give up her quarry. For example, I had clients out on the Lac du Flambeau chain a few times this past week and one of my favorite lakes on that chain was coated on top with a bug hatch. The fish weren't active. We headed over to another lake on the chain and immediately got into a bunch of active fish. Crappie, perch, smallies and others were coming into the boat quite regularly. Each day this week I've taken clients to a different lake because of the wind and sunshine and in all cases it's worked out pretty well. Match your lake to the conditions.

Sometimes the difference between drowning bait and catching fish could be fishing the right shoreline on the lake you are on. Rule number one is fish the shoreline that the wind is blowing into, if you can. Yesterday we were out on a Woodruff lake and we started on a few normally hot spots. The fish weren't cooperating at all. The wind had not come up yet. I moved us to the other end of the lake into a shaded area and boom, we caught fish. That lake was pretty clear and since no wind, we needed to find somewhere that had shade, weeds and wood for shelter for the fish. After a few hours the wind picked up, clients took a potty break and we headed back to the original spots where we were not successful. With the wind now blowing, we caught fish. Match your lake location with your conditions.

A few notes, water temps are in the high 60s or low 70s, crappie are done spawning, perch are still active, bass and bluegill are heading to the beds and walleyes are still on deep weeds. As far as live bait goes, the bite is still evenly spread out between leeches, crawlers and minnows but the leeches and crawlers are coming on strong. As far as artificial baits, the ones that are working are too numerous to mention. Anybody that tells you they are using the only thing that works is right as far as they are concerned but favorite baits are like rear ends, everyone has one. I gotta tell ya, I love trying out new baits. I think it's fun learning new techniques.

That's it for now. Thanks again for all your positive feedback. Even the negative stuff is educational. We all live and learn. And as usual remember we have 2 dz jumbo crawlers for $5, your 1st scoop of crappie minnows for $2 with any purchase, and the lowest leech prices around. Our jumbo crawlers are directly from Canada, leeches directly from Minnesota and our minnows are direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. We also sell bulk 500 ct crawler flats for $45, and 100 ct flats for $15, and leeches by the pound. No middleman! Fresher and lower priced. To order your crawler flats please call ahead at the Minocqua shop at 715-358-5130. If you don't get a response, as they are usually very busy, you can always call be at 715-892-2751.

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