Fishing Report


I finally got a couple of days off so I thought I'd get you caught up on how the fishing is here in the northwoods. We had a pretty solid cold front come thru here a week or so ago. Some real nasty property damage was done by those storms just south of us. In fact, we couldn't get the normal amount of minnows we normally get from our trappers as they still don't have any electricity. Yikes. I've been a few days with out electricity and found it was no fun at all. I wish the best for all of you inconvenienced by the storms that rolled thru. Godspeed.

The fishing has slowed very little if at all because of the front. In some ways it has gotten better. I give it a 7-8 right now. The northerns have picked up. The cold front dropped the surface waters temps down about 5-9 degrees which the northern like. They been biting most everything. Spinner baits, chatter baits and larger minnows have worked well for folks. I still find that the best way to catch them is to go bass fishing and they'll show up to check out the disturbances in the water. They'll hit those wacky worms as furiously as the bass do.

Walleyes have picked up some too. Half a crawler on a 1/32oz jig put a limit in the boat for me and my clients the other day. If you'll check out the Facebook page you'll see in another outing that we also got some real nice walleye in the thick weeds fishing for bass with plastics.

Bass are hitting like it's the middle of June. Half a crawler and jig normally work but all manner of plastics will probably out fish the crawler combo right now. Top water baits are the most exciting but you can't beat working a big plastic worm, stick, craw or minnow if you want real involvement in the pursuit of the bite.

Bluegills have been biting really well. But if you want the bigger ones you need to get in the deeper wood or weeds. We got some really nice ones the other day with clients along with some dandy crappies in about 15-20 feet of water. The deeper we got the bait down the bigger the gills. And the crappies were all the way down as well.

Which brings me to my tip of the day, so to speak. Three different days me and clients were on three different lakes and on each lake the method of operation was basically the same. Little fish on top and bigger fish on the bottom. But if you went to far you were snagged up in the wood and thick weeds. How to cope. Here's what we did. We started with small chunks of worms but the little guys hit them right away. So we went to a heavier jig so it would zoom right past them to the depth we wanted. Another way to get past the little guys was to use minnows. The little guys would sniff them but usually not eat them. One more way was to put on 2" gulp minnows or plastic grub tails. Again, they would nip at them but not eat them, unless of course they were the bigger size of gill we wanted. All these methods would get the bait down to the wood or weedline and the crappie, bass and northerns would partake of the baits willingly. Now, how to do get the nice fish outa the wood when they are right inside of it without losing a bunch of jigs? Easy. You don't. Cost of doing business, I say. About the only thing you can do is be as vertical as possible and hope the fish comes straight up on the hook set.

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