Fishing Report


Fishing Report

Check out the current conditions and what fish are biting on our area waterways.


The OPENER is over and on to my favorite time of year, mid-May to mid-June. This time of year it seems that every species is with every species and you don't know what fish you hooked until you get it to the boat. What fun! 

I went out yesterday for my second self taught lesson in learning my new electronics. Along with the usual GPS I now have Side Imaging, SI and Down Imaging, DI. Very interesting stuff. I was able to put a way point on a crib 40 feet away from me and then have my trolling motor take me to it. Very cool but more importantly very practical. I did do a little fishing along with the lesson and did pretty good until a cold front with rain came thru. I caught a few walleye, northern and bass in 24-28 FOW. They were holding pretty tight to wood which I found with the SI.

My guess is this weekend is going to be dynamite if the forecast holds true. Highs near and past 70 and slight breezes should put most if not all species on the feed. Crappie, Walleye and Northern will be my target with clients this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. I will also start searching for those smallies in those northern sandy shores for some good fighting fun. To many opportunities to list for this weekend.

Our thought for the day. Time after time folks come into the shop and lament that they didn't catch much. When queried how they are fishing it's always the same thing, one way and one way alone. Fisherpeople, if they ain't bitin' yer way try somewhere and someway else! Just sayin'...

Take advantage of Mother's Day weekend and take her fishing, bait her hook, and then fix her a fish fry. And DON'T make her clean up afterwards!!!
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