Take a drive on one of our scenic driving roads

Normally, these routes are popular during the fall when the colors are in peak season but these scenic drives are beautiful year-round. If you are itching for some different scenery than what's right outside your window, take a drive on one of our three scenic drives. 

Go outside

Get outside and soak up the fresh air. We are in-between seasons a little bit but there are still plenty of outdoor activities you can do without being in a crowd. Go for a walk or snowshoe through the woods. 

Rent an ebook from local authors or about local people

We’re often transported to places through our favorite books. Try a book from the Loon Lake Mystery Series by Northwoods local author Victoria Huston.  If you like biographical books, read about one of our famous locals lin Dr. Kate, Angel on Snowshoes by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn. Look for a book even kids will enjoy like What Is It? Birds: From an Artist's View by Minocqua author Bob Metropolis

Learn how to do a loon call

Take this time to learn a new skill that will come in handy when you are out on the water this summer.  Watch a youtube video and learn how to do a loon call. When you see a loon this summer your family and friends will be impressed with your new trick. 

Watch a movie that reminds you of the Minocqua area. 

If you can’t actually be on vacation, watch a movie that reminds you of being on vacation at a resort in the Northwoods. Some of our favorites are classics like The Great Outdoors and Dirty Dancing. 

What are your other favorite books and movies that remind you of the Northwoods? Let us know in the comments below.