Purchase gift cards to your favorite restaurants and stores

You will be giving the business you would visit eventually anyway a boost now when they may need it most. If and when you do visit these establishments or take advantage of delivery resources, be conscious of tipping and be a little extra generous if you are able to do so right now. 

Shop your favorite Minocqua area shop online

You can shop many of the Minocqua area shops online. Numerous popular Minocqua area shops like Sallett's Northwoods Outfitters, Minocqua Popcorn & Puffs, Imaginuity, Packerland Plus, & Coontail already have online stores you can purchase items from. Not sure if your favorite store ships, give them a call and ask. Even if it is not normally a part of their business practice, they may be willing to offer it now. 

Keep your memberships 

You may not be able to use all the services with your membership at businesses right now but do not cancel or let your renewal slip through the cracks. Businesses often are counting on your membership renewal. Talk to the business owner to see if they are offering any additional online services or deals in lieu of closures. 

Order Pick- Up 

More restaurants and stores are adding this option for their customers. Call ahead and order the item or meals you want and ask if they can bring it out to your vehicle when you arrive. Check out the COVID-19 resources page for businesses adding this service. 

Reach out to the business owner 

In a small community, we often develop strong relationships with workers and owners at our favorite establishments. Reach out to them and see if there is anything that they need or you can do for them. 

Be Kind

As businesses adjust to new guidelines, they may be short on staff and resources. Patience and kindness is needed now more than ever. We are all adjusting to new circumstances beyond our control.  The true beauty of the Northwoods goes beyond our serene lakes and forests. It is in the people that make our community a place so many envy to live in, work in, and visit. We are very fortunate to be a caring community like the Minocqua area during chaotic times like these.