Minocqua, WI

Located in the northwest corner of Oneida County, Minocqua obtained township status on March 13, 1889. The town’s name was derived from the Ojibwe word “Ninocqua,” meaning “noon-day rest.”  The island is believed to have been the area Native Americans camped during their travels. The history of Minocqua is also rich in logging lore. When early settlers arrived in Wisconsin, virgin forests with mammoth, hundred-year-old trees covered nearly 90 percent of the state.

In 1891 the town consisted of 29 saloons, two hotels, two general stores, a small market and approximately 15 homes. Today, Minocqua is a flourishing tourist destination, with a variety of accommodations – from rustic cabins to luxurious condominium suites, and campgrounds to bed and breakfasts. It features fine dining, unique shopping, attractions and historical museums, as well. It is also home to one of the largest concentrations of freshwater bodies in the world, providing endless outdoor recreational opportunities for four seasons of fun in the Northwoods.

Minocqua has an approximate year-round population of 4,821, and is the largest township in the northern half of the county. Because its major industry is tourism, the population nearly quadruples during the summer months. The township consists of approximately 107,520 acres of land and contains approximately 45 lakes. Approximately 187 miles of road located within the township. The altitude is 1,626 feet.