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Fishing Report

Boy has the fishing been busy. That's my excuse for the lateness of this report. The report is pretty simple and inconsistent. Crawlers are slipping as king of the baits and minnows are starting to step up. Water temps are in the mid to lower 50s with colder temps in the forecast. Fish have gone deeper for the most part. The deepest holes on the lake hold the most fish now. Turnover is coming but not here yet. Surface temps must get to 39 before that top layer of water becomes heavier and drops to the bottom. Some whitefish are being caught now but not a lot. Lake trout are coming aboard too from very deep water. Some days limits of walleye are filled in minutes where on other days you may not get a bite in those same spots. Perch are very active for the most part and northern pike are turning on too. Big gills are mixed in and deep as are the crappie. Musky are hammering the musky suckers. The worse the weather is the better the fish are biting. Welcome to fall fishing in the northwoods!

FYI, to quell the rumors, Kwik Trip has bought the building my bait shop is in. They take over on 12/16. This purchase does not effect my lease at all so we will continue to be in the same spot for as many years as we want. We ain't goin' no wheres!

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