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Fishing Report

Mid June, 2014 - Lakeland Area Fishing Report

alt Warm weather has pushed the water temps up to the 70 degree mark which has spurred a lot of great fishing opportunities.  Largemouth Bass are spawning on many of the area lakes.  Most of these beds can be found along shallow shorelines, piers, and sandy areas.  They will hit a jig tipped with a Leech or Nightcrawler, but also are biting on rubber frogs, crankbaits, and creature type lures like artificial crayfish, and a wide range of plastics.  If you get a lure near the beds, they will usually hit it.  This is a great time of year to simply move down a shoreline and cover lots of water.  Good polarized sunglasses will help you spot these fish and their crater like beds with ease.

Crappie fishing has also been super this past week with many of these fish either spawning or just finishing up.  Bays that are in the 7 to 11 foot range with new green weeds starting to grow tall are key areas now.  A simple Crappie Minnow 3-4 feet under a bobber works well, as does small plastic lures about 1 inch long cast on a 1/32 ounce jighead.  Let the lure sink down a few feet and start dancing it back to the boat.  Bluegills are starting to move into the shallows for their spawning season.  Fish these with small leeches or worms.  This is the best time of year to catch some of those big bull gills,  but release some of the big females so we have more for the future.


Walleyes are holdialtng close to some of the new weed growth that can be found.  Usually to the deep side in the daylight hours, and then moving up shallow at dusk and after dark.  Now that we have several different bug hatches going on, this is the time to switch from minnows to Leeches and Nightcrawlers on many lakes.  Slip bobbering and jigs in the day time, and switch to lighted slips and throw crankbaits after dark.

   Mosquitos have been out in record numbers this spring thanks to all of the water from 110 inches of melted snow.  Thankfully the dragonflies are hatching and gorging themselves on the little vampires.  Dress right for a more enjoyable evening on the lake.  Long sleeves and pants, bug spray, and even try a Thermacell – they work great.

Come on up – the water is fine!

Good Luck!

Pat and Bob
Captain Hooks Guide Service

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