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Minocqua Area and Northern Wisconsin

Welcome to the Minocqua Area - Nature's Original Water Park. We call it that because it's located in the middle of Northern Wisconsin's Lake Country. Here there are thousands of lakes, rivers and streams that literally saturate the geography. And vacationers have long been visiting the Minocqua Area to enjoy all this water by boating, swimming, fishing, snowmobiling and more. There's no admission fees and we're open year round!

Fishing Reports


FISHING REPORTS: By Jeff Bolander, also known as 'How' of Dewey, Catchem and How at www.DeweyCatchemAndHow.com
Reports at www.UpNorthFishing.com

You have to eat your broccoli to get your pie. How many times did we hear that growing up. Well we've been eating broccoli for a little while now and I believe our pie should be on the way. Although we have caught fish lately it hasn't been fast and furious. And the folks that have been telling you that have been fast and furious are, well, let's just say telling fish stories.

The biggest problem lately is the weather just won't make up its mind. Forecasts have been worthless even more than usual. But this week should be what the fisherman ordered. Why do I guess this? Because over the last few days whenever the warmth broke thru the fishing picked up dramatically and this week it is suppose to warm up! Water temps are still in the high 60's and weed growth is still low but that is changing and I believe a big bite will come with it.

Every species is pretty much done spawning and if not now soon will be on the post spawn feed. Crank baits are working very well over the top of weeds. Top water poppers and buzz baits are also working well. Clear water lake fish will still take minnows but on most bodies of water the leech and crawler is king. And don't forget a bunch of waxies for the panfish.

Well its time to wash the leeches and pack a few more crawlers. I'll be hitting the flowages and a few smaller lakes this week and I'll let you know how we do. Happy Father's day!
Jeff Bolander, also known as 'How' of Dewey, Catchem and How at www.DeweyCatchemAndHow.com


Early  June,  2015   -   Lakeland Area Fishing Report from Pat & Bob- caphooks.com

Warm weather has pushed the water temps up into the mid to upper 60’s which has spurred a lot of great fishing opportunities.  Smallmouth Bass are spawning on many of the area lakes.  Most of these beds can be found along shallow shorelines, piers, and sandy areas.  They will hit a jig tipped with a Leech or Nightcrawler, but also are biting on crankbaits, and creature type lures like artificial crayfish, and a wide range of plastics.  If you get a lure near the beds, they will usually hit it.  This is a great time of year to simply move down a shoreline and cover lots of water.  Good polarized sunglasses will help you spot these fish and their crater like beds with ease.  Remember:  it’s catch & release only on the Smallmouth until June 20th.


Crappie fishing has also been good with the spawn over or just ending on the larger lakes.  Bays that are in the 7 to 11 foot range with new green weeds starting to grow tall are key areas now.  A simple Crappie Minnow 3-4 feet under a bobber works well, as does small plastic lures about 1 inch long cast on a 1/32 ounce jighead.  Let the lure sink down a few feet and start dancing it back to the boat.  Bluegills are starting to move into the shallows for their spawning season.  Fish these with small leeches or worms.  This is the best time of year to catch some of those giant Bluegills,  but release some of the big females so we have more for the future.  Give the small Leeches under a bobber a try – they gobble them up like candy!


Walleyes are holding close to some of the new weed growth that can be found.  Usually to the deep side in the daylight hours (16 to 20 feet), and then moving up shallow at dusk and after dark.  Now that we have several different bug hatches going on, this is the time to switch from minnows to Leeches and Nightcrawlers on many lakes.  On several of the large - deeper area lakes Walleyes are starting their move to the deeper rock and sand bars holding in 20 to 30 feet of water.   Working a Large Leech on a 1/8oz jig is producing well.


Musky action will heat up right along with the water temps and weed growth.  Small Bucktails and Jerkbaits worked near the weed edges have been working well.


Come on up – the water is fine!   Good Luck.





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